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Hi, I am Paul Inetacad. It's my autobiography.

Web Developer Paul Itenacad

I got my start in computers in the early 00's. I was hired by a software development company as a technical support representative. We created software for the construction industry. Technical support is challenging because you have to fix PC’s remotely. Only we didn’t have software to allow us to remotely see the customer’s PC. We had to diagnose and fix PC’s, printers, plotters and digitizer boards using nothing but a telephone. I was promoted to technical support manager 2 years later and we took on training as part of our functions.

I moved into the IT field at an HMO in the Midwest a few years later. I was brought into the Information Technology department because “IT had a poor reputation in the company”. We supported the desktop PC’s, servers and phone systems. I quickly learned why we had such a poor reputation with our customers. The manager did not have a clue what customer service was. We went round and round a few times over my resolving customer’s PC problems to quickly.

My next job was as a systems administrator for a Dow Jones Industrial startup venture. We supported the desktop PC’s, printers, servers and phone system. We also supported a couple of remote sales office’s.

Eventually I became an Information Technology contractor. My first assignment was with AT&T wireless. Most of my customers were techs that had laptops. So I supported desktop's and laptops. I also did some server and router work as I was the only IT developer in the place.

My Software Development in Colorado

I moved to Colorado and worked as a contractor for Centers for Disease Control. We supported the desktop PC’s, printers, servers. As a research facility they have some unusual proprietary equipment that we had to support.

I relocated to Idaho and worked as a contractor for Albertsons on the 2nd level support queue. We supported desktop PC’s, laptops and printers. I was also in charge of a large pool of laptops used for travel and training. After my contract ended one of my Albertsons customers hired me as a contractor in the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery department as a software administrator for a 6 month contract.

My Software Development

Contract work is not overly consistent so I took a job with a local financial institution in desktop support. I supported desktop's, laptops, printers, servers, phone system and anything else that used electricity. But I was laid off due to downsizing.

Having worked for several large businesses I have seen a pattern in most Information Technology departments. IT departments fail to realize that they are in a customer service position. Since all of their customers are also employees of the company they often seem to think that their customers can not be lost because they are a captive audience. While it is true that their customers can not go to the competition, they can stop coming to their own in-house IT guys. That is why we started our own IT services company, we believe IT is a customer service job.

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